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Author Alexander Semenyuk

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About the Author


Alexander Semenyuk, (also known as Oleksandr Semenyuk), is a Ukrainian-American author. He was born in Lutsk, Ukraine, 1986. At 14 he immigrated to United States. Alexander’s favorite genres are sci fi, horror and fantasy. Early in life Alexander was greatly influenced by classic literature and since childhood dreamed of becoming a writer.

Paradise Harbour


Author: Alexander Semenyuk

Hardback ISBN: 9798750636471

Paperback ISBN: 9781956788112

eBook ISBN: 9781956788129

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 11/16/2021

When Luc Nistage, private detective, gets an offer from one of the richest men to find his lost daughter, Luc feels that he got the break that’s been eluding him. Little does he know that he is about to be submerged into the most horrifying case imaginable, testing his sanity, humanity, and body.

Enter Paradise Harbor, a town where nothing is as it seems. Where cultists, creatures, gangsters, and a serial killer terrify the public, a young private investigator must find a missing woman amidst all the evil barricades surrounding him.

Paradise Harbour Audio.jpg

Paradise Shores


Author: Alexander Semenyuk

Hardback ISBN: 9798835670574

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336267

eBook ISBN: 9781958336274

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 07/11/2022

Welcome to Paradise Shores, where nothing as it seems, where life is very far from paradise, where dark secrets lurk within the darkness.  Can young Ida, who inherits great wealth, figure out the secrets of her family’s past and the town’s before it is too late?

Witness the return of investigator Luc Nistage in this thrilling novel which will not give you a moments break.

Paradise Shores Audio.jpg

Paradise Symphony


Author: Alexander Semenyuk

Hardback ISBN: 9798359835824

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336779

eBook ISBN: 9781958336786

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 12/5/2022

Luc Nistage is no longer a young man, he has fought many battles, went through terrible challenges, and yet his most dangerous one is still yet to come.

The mysterious lighthouse on a foggy island is calling his name…

Will he survive the final horror?

A Peaceful Town


Author: Alexander Semenyuk

Paperback: 9798891260245

eBook ISBN: 9798891260252

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 8/14/2023

Vampire painter, serial killer, an investigator who can see ghosts, a drunk ex-detective, a man who cannot sleep…they all have one thing in common, the peaceful town among the mountains…or is it?

A Peaceful Town Audio.jpg
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