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Author Beatrice de Cecil

About the Author



Born in England, Beatrice de Cecil was raised in the small community of Silver End, Essex.

During her teen years the neurological disorder epilepsy made a sudden appearance.  It would profoundly influence all aspects of her life; health, confidence and career.  Everything she’d planned for her future changed.  It would also be a major contributor to her love of books.  Reading and music often provided an escape and release from difficult times as she learned to cope with seizures.  But with the support of family and interests Beatrice emerged stronger.  As she accepted the companion who would stay throughout her life, so too would her love of reading and music.  But she also harboured a secret.  To one day write a book.

Life happened, years rolled by until she met her future husband.  As soon as she saw him she recalls telling a friend, he was the ‘one’ and 4 years later they married.  They’ve been together for 30+ years and have 2 daughters and a son.  The couple live within sight of the majestic Rocky Mountains in the Province of Alberta, Canada with their Labrador and Rottweiler.

Beatrice continues her love affair with books and enjoys all genres; but her passion is romance, paranormal and fantasy.  She has a keen interest in the world of Metaphysics and is a trained Psychic Medium and Aura Reader.  If possible, she likes to integrate her experiences and knowledge when writing.

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Whispers of the Realm


Author: Beatrice de Cecil

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899770

eBook ISBN: 9781629899787

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date 8/13/2018


The forgotten village of Flytes Bagot, England, is the perfect home for The Vanquished of darkness. But the heavenly Realm disagree, dispatching a Clan of Seven Celestial warriors to make it perfect once more. One Celestial will break the rules as the Clan are wielded like pawns by feuding sibling Deities.  

Candra had control issues despite the acquisition of wings and status of Celestial. She wanted to be a dutiful Angel but old habits died hard. Just like her Celestial siblings she finds it tough to detach her humanity from Angelic obligations.

She goes against the Creator’s dictate and breaks the rules by protecting Teahra, her Celestial sister who returned to the Mortal Realm to live as a human. And ultimately sacrifices herself when the Vanquished come calling.

In the clutches of the Vanquished, Candra’s disappearance is the catalyst for a gathering of the Clans in the Realm where unexpected news is delivered. Plans are set in motion to rescue Candra and the Clan return to the picturesque village of Flytes Bagot where the conflict between light and dark continues. But an unknown being comes forth whose powers outmatch them all and they don’t know if she’s friend or foe…