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Blake Alb is a writer with a passion for stories that stray from the beaten path. He has an MS in psychology and works as a mental health professional. He attributes his psychology degree as playing a significant role in providing a wellspring of ideas for storytelling. He is a big fan of all things geeky, with a penchant for anime, fantasy, science fiction, and video games. He also enjoys British Comedy and improv.

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Author: Blake Alb

Paperback ISBN: 9781951642129

E-Book ISBN: 9781951642136

Genre: YA Horror/Comedy

Release Date 12/9/2019



Not all snow days are the stuff of childhood dreams!!


And not all school days are the stuff of childhood doldrums. You must always be careful what you wish for (or rather what you don't). Not all nightmares occur at night, as some things go "bump in the day." Join Teddy in this horror/comedy as he attempts to find reprieve from his chilling holiday woes. And by woes we are not referring to your typical "coming of age" trials of youth. This is a tale about preventing boyhood daydreams from becoming nightmares. What are the yuletide intentions of these menacing snowmen?  Or are these events born from the fanciful superstitions of a curious boy? Either way, Teddy must discern the truth as the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred.  Just remember, sometimes the phrase "Merry Christmas" is nothing short of an oxymoron. To wrap it up? Just replace Merry Christmas with Scary Christmas!

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The FairGrounds


Author: Blake Alb

Paperback ISBN:

E-Book ISBN:

Genre: Thriller

Release Date to be determined



Can you stomach the Fairgrounds?


Based on nothing but a modern-day message in a bottle and a secret invention, watch as three troubled strangers each takes a leap of faith to find fairness in an unfair world. But things get close and personal as a masked vigilante vows to take Karma into his own hands. But no matter what brought our band of less-than-merry men together, one thing is for certain, common enemies make for strange bedfellows!