Author Brandon Peña


About the Author


Brandon Peña has always had a deep respect for nature. Today, he loves to travel and admire diverse scenery from around the world. Whether hiking through woods or trekking across open skies, he’s constantly taking influence for his writing.

Growing up reading horror novels and psychological thrillers, Brandon enjoys stories with layered complexity. He loves writing for the sake of worldbuilding, and he hopes that his readers find themselves blissfully lost in the eerie environments set before them.

River's Bend


Author: Brandon Peña


Paperback ISBN: 9781951642891


eBook ISBN: 9781951642907

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 7/20/2020

On an unassuming night in the small town of River’s Bend, a train derails into the local church. While many see the train wreck as sign from God, others aren’t so sure. Something has happened to the town. Pets are missing, children are getting sick, and people are losing their minds. Help is not coming, and the residents of River’s Bend must find a way to survive.