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C.S. Humble is an award-winning American novelist, screenwriter and short story writer. He lives in East Texas. Find out more about him on twitter (@cshumble), Facebook, Patreon, or at his personal website!

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All These Subtle Deceits


Author: C. S. Humble

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Genre: Supernatural Thriller

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Lauren Saunders moved to Black Wells, Colorado, to get out of a toxic relationship that stole three years of her life. But her fresh start is dashed after a brutal, supernatural attack sends her screaming from a nightclub into the cold winter night. Her journey toward recovery leads her to the doorstep of William Daniels, a professional spiritual intercessor and occult consultant. William is compelled to help Lauren discover why these vicious assaults are occurring. Lauren descends into an occult labyrinth where she races against the ticking hands of a clock she cannot see to find salvation from the oppressive spirits and their intense assaults.

In any other place, this would be a simple, solvable ghost story. But this is Black Wells, Colorado: a hidden place that is home to hidden things. Black Wells oppresses with a slow and comforting kind of bondage.