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Author Andrew Benadum

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About the Author


Andrew Benadum is an author, lawyer, and ex-Ohioan living in Switzerland with his beautiful wife. He draws inspiration from his expat life—from growing up in Cambodia to living in Botswana, South Africa, Switzerland, and The Netherlands—for his novels and archaeological adventures focusing on lesser-known histories around the world. While avoiding art thieves and shoot-outs, he enjoys traveling and adventure, learning other languages, and working on other books that his wife promises she'll read. His first book, The Koh Ker Conspiracy, was a finalist in The Adventure Writers Competition 2021 and tells the story of three friends caught up in a deadly plot in Cambodia to steal a priceless statue.

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The Koh Ker Conspiracy


Author: Andrew Benadum

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Thriller

Release Date to be determined

A forgotten kingdom. An abandoned Angkor pyramid. A priceless statue, and the men who would kill for it.


When ex-spy Boran Tompkins agrees to help his friend Thomas investigate a suspicious art dealer, he has no way of knowing it will lead him into a dangerous game of intrigue and kidnapping. With Thomas's life on the line, Boran pursues a smuggler's gang to a forgotten thousand-year-old pyramid deep in the heart of the Cambodian jungle, shrouded in mystery.


As he uncovers a sinister plot to steal a priceless Khmer artifact–the answer to the mystery of the Koh Ker pyramid–and rob his country of its history, he resolves to stop the theft, no matter the cost. Will he succeed in his quest, or will the truth be lost forever?

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