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Dave Eisenstark has been writing professionally and working in the film industry in various capacities for more years than he actually remembers.  Nine of his feature film scripts have been produced, including the award-winning comedy Monkey Love (starring Jeremy Renner) and the horror classic Creepozoids


Like film producer George Lucas, Dave graduated with a degree from USC Cinema; unlike Mr. Lucas, everything else. 

Bleeding Kansas came out of Dave's fascination with the James brothers, the Civil War history of his native Kansas, and his love of Mark Twain's humor.    

Dave's first novel, The Video Killer, is probably vile, tasteless trash, but possibly amusing, and currently available from Spanking Pulp Press.


Dave lives in Los Angeles with his wife, a production sound mixer on major motion pictures.  His daughter resides in the San Francisco Bay area and speaks both English and Chinese for some unknown reason.  Yes, he has pets, who asked not to be mentioned.  


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Bleeding Kansas


Author: Dave Eisenstark

Print ISBN:   9781629891545

eBook ISBN: 9781629891552

Genre: Western

Release Date 10/01/2014

When they came for him, he knew what he had to!  

Quaker farm-boy James Deeter escapes west ahead of Union Army recruiters, "aiming to look manly aboard my Appaloosa horse, long hair flying free from under a wide-brimmed, rawhide sombrero, a couple of six-shooters on my hips and a plains rifle dangling from a brass-tacked saddle."  

Instead, Deeter lands smack in the middle of the bloody guerilla war along the Kansas-Missouri border, an even greater affront to human decency than the Civil War itself, and a shock to Deeter's pacifist upbringing.   

To save his life, Deeter rides with rebel leaders William Quantrill, "Bloody Bill" Anderson, and the teen-aged James and Younger brothers.


To save his soul, he tries not to hurt anybody... 

Which works for about a minute.   

Can Deeter reconcile his peace-loving faith with his participation in some of the most violent episodes in American history?   

Can he even survive? 

His horse doesn't think so.