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Dave Lager is the pen name of Dave Ramacitti, who at 75 is supposedly retired, except he very much looks forward to working on his Ro novels every chance he gets and also still teaches part-time (mostly speech) at a local community college. 

Ro’s Handle is the first Ro Delahanty book; his second, The Berlin Riddle, is nearly done and there are nascent ideas for several more Ro stories. 

Dave’s career includes working as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor and publisher, and as a marketing / public relations consultant helping small business be more effective marketers. Under his own name he has previously published non-fiction books and manuals for the small business market, including: Do-It-Yourself Publicity;  Do-It-Yourself Advertising; Do-It-Yourself Marketing; So You Want to Own Your Own Business; The Three Marketing Absolutes: Know Your Customer, Know Your Competition, Be Unique; The Three Marketing Absolutes: A Step-By-Step Guide to Learning About Your Customers, Your Competition and Achieving Uniqueness In The Marketplace; and The All-Important Stuff You Gotta Do First to Effectively Market Your Small Business. 

He has been married to his best friend for 25years and has three grown stepchildren and seven step-grandchildren. He lives next to the Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois.

Ro's Handle


Ro Delahanty Novel

Author: Dave Lager

Hardback ISBN: 9781629897936

Paperback ISBN: 9781629897943

eBook ISBN: 9781629897950

Genre: Crime Thriller

Release Date 09/18/2017


Ten years ago Ro Delahanty announced to her fifth grade schoolmates she wanted to be a cop when she grew up. Unlike most kids, she didn’t change her mind a half-dozen times along the way. Instead, she trained herself for the job by earning a black belt in judo and becoming a champion pistol shooter.

Now a rookie Fort Armstrong County deputy sheriff, she has to contend with being the only female on the force — will she be accepted as an equal?

…with wondering what her “handle”—a nickname deputies informally “award” to fellow deputies —will be, and whether it will be one she can live with.

…and, after two years of self-imposed celibacy, with the unexpected arrival of a “complication” in her personal life.

But her ultimate test comes when four bad guys with assault rifles capture a fellow deputy and, armed only with her Sig Sauer P229 .357, she has to face them single-handed in a shootout.

Ro learns not only what it means to be a cop, but what it means to be a true warrior against those that want to do harm to those she is sworn to protect.

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