Authors M. A Davis & Erik Shein

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M. A. Davis


Born in Southern Illinois, M. A. Davis fell in love with reading from an early age, so much so that she started writing when she was in the second grade. From poetry to short stories, she has a love for it all. When she was in high school, she attended Illinois Summer School for the Arts at Illinois State University, which led her to attend the university. After graduating with a Bachelors in Education, M. A. taught for several years until her children were born, allowing her to fulfill two dreams at once: motherhood and penning her first books.

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Erik Shein


As a visionary storyteller and animal activist, Erik Shein blends his talent for children’s, young adult, and Crime Thriller writing with a passion for CGI animation and animal health and well-being. He has authored and co-written more than 30 novels and feature films, including the animated fantasy adventure tale, The Legend of The Secret Pass (Lions Gate Entertainment, 2019), which first began as a co-written novel by Erik and fellow author Melissa Davis. In addition to his writing, Erik is the founder and CEO of Shein Partnership LLC, a revered leader in the entertainment and publishing domains, and a producer, voice actor, and trained herpetologist. 

Venomous Deception

Authors: M. A. Davis and Erik Shein

Hardback ISBN: 9781955086844

Print ISBN:  9781955086851

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086868

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Release Date 10/12/2021

Detective Darius Jones has his work cut out for him. Several prominent businessmen in his jurisdiction have mysteriously turned up dead, and it’s his job to find the killer. On the surface, the cases appear to be unrelated until a toxicology report comes back, linking them together. The way these men died leaves no doubt that their deaths were intentional.

Seeped in a dark web of superstition and voodoo, it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. This time the target may be closer to home.

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