Author Elaine Whitmore

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Elaine Whitmore is a scientist and an ancient coin junkie. After receiving a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, she was active in academic research, taught graduate level science classes and worked in the health care product industry. She is the author of three books on development of FDA-regulated medical products and holds a number of patents. Elaine was born and raised in the southwest side of Chicago. She and her husband live in Florida.

The Silver Sphinx


Author: Elaine Whitmore

Print ISBN:   9781950890309 

E-Book ISBN:  9781950890316

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Release date 07/29/2019

Eden’s life is boring, especially during summer break. She has no special talents, no special skills, no special friends, and lives in a boring Chicago neighborhood. She has no clue that stopping at Baba Yaga’s Ice Cream Hut is about to trigger a series of events that will change her life in startling ways. Eden unexpectedly finds herself in possession of a peculiar ancient silver coin bearing an image of a Greek Sphinx. It would be an interesting and unusual coin even if the Sphinx on the coin wasn’t able to physically animate and speak. But it does both, and it speaks to Eden of cosmic battles and of other living mythological creatures bound to their own images on ancient silver coins. When the Sphinx informs Eden that they must travel together to the near future to prevent a catastrophe, Eden is stunned. As a fifteen-year-old with absolutely no superhuman powers, Eden wants nothing to do with the dangerous mission. But she has no choice.


It should have been impossible for the monstrous Storm-Giant Typhon to break out of Tartarus, the inescapable Underworld prison of the damned. Yet the vicious vindictive Titan has done just that. From his hideaway at the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility he sets in motion a plot to devastate Earth using an Annihilation Ray based on a secret technology invented by Nikola Tesla. It will be up to Eden, the magical Greek Sphinx coin and the long-deceased inventor himself to try to thwart Typhon's evil plans. Can they possibly succeed?