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Ellis Hoff began her publishing career in her twenties when she took a job selling yellow page advertising. Though it helped hone her communication skills, and introduced a bevvy of characters and comical situations, it wasn’t long before she decided that she wanted to write something without bullet points and took the opportunity to pen a few novels and a decade-long stint as a “roving reporter” for a local newspaper. Turns out, it was a good call. With her fifth published novel, Victory Blood, Hoff pulls back the layers of emotional complexity allowing characters a chance to reclaim validity and hope under highly unusual, and deadly, circumstances. They should take it, but…they are characters. She has no control.

Hoff hails from the Minneapolis area and, despite the trend, has no plans of ever becoming a “snow bird”. Winters—with snow so deep you can hardly make it to the mailbox—were made for writing.

Victory Blood


Author: Ellis Hoff

Paperback ISBN:  9781949812947

eBook ISBN: 9781949812954

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Release Date 05/20/2019


Melinda McKinney flailed for years through a lackluster career of PR and advertising gigs that never really showcased her artistic abilities. Then she discovered the “graphic novel” circuit, and a star was born.

Melinda’s grisly art-n-yarn offerings, featuring “Victoria the Vampire Negotiator”, take over her life as she fights her way back from a devastating divorce. She’s inspired, productive and…driven in a way even she doesn’t understand. That is, until a man from her past, and one from her future, collide in a storm of buried secrets and unfathomable danger.

When everything she knows, everything she believes about herself, is challenged, she has two choices:

Her old life, or her real life.

One of them just might be her salvation.