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Author Greta T. Bates

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About the Author


Greta T. Bates lives in Fairhope, AL. She enjoys writing personal growth anecdotes and poetry. She published Snapping, Fraying and Dangling in the Wind, Thoughts on Motherhood, Midlife and a Meaningful Existence in 2020. Currently, she is writing short stories that explore lost love, revenge, and facing one’s fears, told through the lens of horror. A Mills College alumna, Greta has most recently been published in Eternal Haunted Summer-Pagan Songs and Tales, Summer Solstice 2022 issue. Look for her first novella to be out in 2023! You can find her at or at

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Author: Greta T. Bates

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Horror

Release Date to be determined

“Am I eventually going to be taken away like Mom?”

Hair as black as ebony, the fairest skin, thrifted clothes covering self-inflicted scars, always in her well-worn boots, Elia was healing on the outside, but the cuts on the inside were the ones that hurt the most. At 17, Elia was tired of tiptoeing around her mother, a—someday my prince will come, waiting to be rescued, I want to be the star—mother. Her family’s female line, or as she called them, The Horrifying Women, had a tight grip on her, body and soul.  

Along with her best friend Trudy, she’s trying to discover how to sever the ties to her messed up ancestry with the assistance of the local Woo Woo Girls. However, dabbling in the craft might prove trickier than what she had in mind.

With one foot in her childhood and the other on the edge of 18, will she be able to break free, leaving the ghosts of her past behind?

All Elia was really looking for was some help… and maybe…just a little bit of magic.

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