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Heather Harrison has published several stories including I, Avatar and To Reap and Sow. She writes press releases for businesses to help improve their visibility. Heather also markets social media platforms and assists other authors in developing their websites, graphics, and social media outreach. When writing fiction, she primarily focuses on Young Adult, Horror, and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Heather and her two children live in Dallas, Texas.

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Franny's Fable


Author: Heather Harrison

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898650

eBook ISBN: 9781629898667

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 01/29/2018



Within moments of meeting Jamie, Franny knows there is something different about him, a menacing quality underneath his quiet facade. Intrigued and mesmerized, she stalks him relentlessly, making his attempts to avoid her all but impossible. A night of passion leads to a terrifying truth, one in which Franny will never escape.