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Author James Sonia

About the Author


James Michael Sonia is a Horror Fiction writer who grew up in West Newton, Massachusetts. From an early age he fostered a love of reading and storytelling, particularly in the horror genre. He grew up on the old classic Universal Monster movies, Godzilla movies, and a multitude of 80’s Horror films. James graduated in 2017 from Newton North High School and attended Plymouth State University. He began seriously writing in High School, with encouragement from his English teachers and completed several short stories. While in High School, he began developing an idea for a horror story that combined several characters that he had created in earlier short stories. As he continued his education at PSU, he competed his first novel, Broken Fate.

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Broken Fate


Author: James Sonia

Print ISBN:   

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Genre: Horror

Release Date to be determined

Terrance O’Hara is a priest with a dark past, and a secret. By day he preaches the good book, by night he hunts the creatures that stalk the innocent. Haunted by past actions and family sins, he vows to hunt down the demon lord who wronged his ancestors. Teaming up with the unlikely allies of Lucy, a succubus and lawyer by trade and Mary, a Day-walking vampire, the trio goes on a journey from Boston to New York, quickly falling into a rabbit hole of demonic conspiracy. Can Terry outrun fate and overcome his family curse? Or will Lord Barbatos claim another soul.

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