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The stars are creepy—looking up as a kid always gave me a stomachache. Endless, unknown, and empty? Or maybe not so empty. As a child, I alternated between staring up at the night sky and actively trying not to look at it because it felt like it might swallow me up. And then there are other things.

Have you ever seen a ghost? I have. I was a skeptic about paranormal experiences, but then, in my mom's basement, there was a figure - a figure with a face and body and a presence that was electrifying. I asked my family members, those who had slept in that basement if they had ever seen anything. Several described the same thing I had seen.

I am fascinated with aliens, ghosts, cryptids, and all kinds of things that are not explainable. I don't pretend to understand things. I just wonder a lot.

I live in Arizona and love the desert, the stars at night, that I sometimes look at without feeling nauseous.

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Author: Jana Moore

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271266

eBook ISBN:  9781953271273

Genre: YA Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 11/2/2020

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the dark?

Has anything ever looked back at you?

Sam is terrified to get up to pee at night. Something is stalking her, staring at her through the bathroom mirror. But maybe that isn't the worse thing Sam faces. Multinational thugs are tracking Sam through the Walmart in her small Arizona town. Maybe the face in the mirror is a ghost? Or maybe something Sam isn't even thinking of.