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Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the author began his career in Radio Broadcasting in the late 1970s. Having traveled the country, he has now, inexplicably, landed back in the town of his birth.

Writing full time and producing audio and promotional video products for authors takes up his days and enjoying his life fills all the moments in between. Active in social media, he welcomes any opportunity to interact with his readers and sincerely believes that there is no such thing as negative feedback. Something can be learned from the opinions of others, even if that opinion is less than glowing.

You are encouraged to contact him via email, social media or through his website. And as always, he thanks you for taking the time to read his words. He hopes you enjoy them.

Charlie's Awakening

Author: Jason Forbis

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271525

eBook ISBN:  9781953271532

Genre: YA Adventure

Release Date 01/18/2021

Charles Davenport was troubled. He wanted to be more active, happier, and included. He saw people enjoying life and knew that it was his fault he wasn’t. Charlie had to wake up. He had to involve himself, but he didn’t know how. That is, until one afternoon, an ancient man invited him to have a discussion. That man gave Charlie an enigmatic blue stone. In no time, Charlie started feeling more vibrant, more aware and more involved. Was it the stone? Or was it Charlie’s Awakening?