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About the Author


Jessica Blenkarn was born in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1999 and is the youngest of four children. While studying Business and Speech Communication at the University of Waterloo, Jess has also completed co-op terms in the field of marketing and is excited to graduate from the university in June of 2022. 


At the age of fifteen, Jess wrote her first novel, Irrefutable Annihilation, in thirty days as part of the NaNoWriMo program (National Novel Writing Month), and has since written three other novels: Soul Survivor (2016), West of Dawn (2017), and The Sixth Book (2020). 



Besides writing novels, Jess enjoys writing short stories and speeches. She has won numerous awards for her writing, including Hamilton's Short Works Prize and multiple Southern Ontario speech competitions. Jess even went on to compete in the Optimist International Oratorical Competition in St. Louis. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, exploring the outdoors, and listening to rock music.




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The Sixth Book


Author: Jess Blenkarn

Paperback ISBN:  9781955086325

eBook ISBN:  9781955086332

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Release Date 6/29/2021


Rebellious and immature Finn Howell turns his life around when he meets the young, sophisticated Maia Boerio and falls deeply in love with her. Their shared love of rare novels becomes a burden in Finn's life when he finds a series called A Tale of Time piled in with one of his rare book purchases. It is no ordinary series of rare novels, though.

These six books were published in the mid-nineteenth century, but they describe world events occurring from 1879 to 2059. The sixth book, however, predicts the future—a future that lies on the pages resting in Finn's hands. As he struggles with his sanity in trying to determine who wrote the books, who gave him the books—and more importantly, why they gave him the books—Finn discovers a difficult truth.