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Joy Ross Davis is a student of the romance, lore, and magic of the back hills of Tennessee. She writes imaginative fiction featuring unusual angels as main characters. Her novel, Countenance, won a Silver Medal of Excellence in an international readers’ awards contest while her novella, Emalyn’s Treasure won a coveted Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorites. She has lived and worked in Alabama for most of her life. She has a Ph.D in Creative Writing, and for many years, taught English at a local community college. She retired to become a caregiver for her mother who suffered from dementia. She wrote her first novel shortly after her mother’s death. For several months in 2007, she lived in Ireland and worked as a travel writer and photographer.  She lives in Alabama with her son and three rescue dogs.  

Published works: 


Emalyn’s Treasure

Peaches and Lace

The Transformation of Bitty Brown

The Sutler of Petersburg

The Witch of Blacklion

Sisters Divided

Mother, Can You Hear Me?

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Author: Joy Ross Davis

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812077

eBook ISBN: 9781949812084

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 10/22/2018

Countenance is a suspenseful yet heartfelt story full of intrigue and unexpected revelations, where magic is made in the kitchen and angels can fall in love. Memorable characters inhabit a home that is more than it seems, and unwittingly prepare for a final showdown where forces battle for the souls of both those who reside there and the dead who cannot move on to the next realm. Thirty-eight-year-old Nealey Monaghan's life is turned upside-down one night when her sister's estranged ex-husband kills nearly everyone she loves in one fell swoop. Numb to the world, Nealey is taken in by her charmingly eccentric Aunt Sylvie, cookbook author and proprietress of the Playhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in the hills of Tennessee. Hoping to help her niece find purpose and meaning in her life again, Sylvie makes Nealey a co-owner and begins teaching her the tricks of the trade...and the secrets of the house. Unbeknownst to either of them, nor to the ghost relatives who have lived there since they were murdered in 1889, there is a common thread running through their veins, and a deep secret that is dying to come out...

The Witch of Blacklion


Author: Joy Ross Davis

Paperback ISBN:  9781949812657

eBook ISBN:  9781949812664

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Release Date 02/11/2019


The Witch of Blacklion follows the lives of two couples in a small Irish community in 1915. Rory and Mazey have a happy life raising their five-year-old son and helping out the town with their lush garden. A trauma causes Mazey to pull away from Rory and find solace in her painting. Richard is the new doctor in town who is immediately mesmerized by a reporter named Laura. Their happiness is short lived when Laura and her mother survive after the ship they were journeying on sinks. She claims an angel saved her life, and becomes obsessed with proving his existence while digging for proof that local healer Old Shelley is a witch. The perfect lives of the two main couples are disrupted by a series of tragic events. Laura and Mazey each suffer through a trauma that changes their lives and sends them both on obsessive missions. Love and romance blossom, however, and touch the lives of Old Shelley the shape shifter and Mordecai, the guardian angel.

Peaches and Lace


Author: Joy Ross Davis

Paperback ISBN:  9781950890361

eBook ISBN:  9781950890378

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date 08/12/2019

Peaches Malone, a world-famous wedding gown designer, has moved her business from Atlanta to Portugal. Beautiful, vivacious, head strong, and feisty, Peaches demands perfection from those around her. She is highly sought after by royal families all over the world. But, within her castle walls, a stranger lurks, a man gone mad with vengeance, a man whose only goal is to destroy her. 

But Peaches has one person on her side, a man she calls her guardian angel. Tall, broad, handsome and supernaturally strong, he visits Peaches often, appearing as if out of thin air. The bond between them strengthens until, for the first time in her life, Peaches falls in love. 

On the night of her first runway show in Portugal, Peaches receives a threatening message written in blood. Since she has no idea who wrote the message, she calls on her friend, the Prime Minister, who rushes to her aid and posts his own security team outside the auditorium. But the killer is one step ahead, for he has already managed to secure a spot as one of her top male models. Between her guardian angel and the Prime Minister's aides, can this killer be stopped?