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Laurel Thompson is a native Californian now living in southern West Virginia with her husband of thirty-two years. She has three grown children and four grandsons. Though a professional harpist since the age of sixteen, she has always loved to write as well. Born for Adversity is her third book, loosely connected to the first two, Falling Rain and Split Tongue.

Born for Adversity


An Anthology of Brothers

Author: Laurel June Thompson

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899817

eBook ISBN: 9781629899824

Genre: Contemporary Christian

Release Date 08/27/2018



Born for Adversity examines the sometimes turbulent, often impassioned relationships between siblings. Well-known stories from the Bible and mythology are re-told throughout the book, interwoven with the tale of two brothers on their journey through life. Whether born into a family from ancient times or in modern culture, brothers and sisters have faced similar challenges throughout the millennia—jealousy, control, judgment, protection, forgiveness, and love—all common facets in the labyrinth of sibling relationships, the outcomes ever hinging upon choices of the mind and heart. 

Born for Adversity follows the lives of Jackson and Jesse McAlister. Raised in a Christian, blue-collar family in the mid-twentieth century, Jackson and Jesse struggle to find their way into adulthood. Their disparate natures clash when their decisions lead to trouble on both sides. Then, a dark secret emerges to nearly destroy all hope, and a young woman tugs at both their hearts—forcing them to face each other and their true feelings.


Discover the possibilities borne of unconditional love and the disasters wrought from envy and hatred. Whether in ages past or present day, true forgiveness blazes a trail through the tangles of sibling rivalry, ending in ties that bind forever strong and true.

Split Tongue

Author: Laurel June Thompson

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812695

eBook ISBN: 9781949812701

Genre: Historical Christian

Release Date 02/25/2018


In the tradition of Falling Rain, Split Tongue continues the tale set in early postdiluvian culture. In a world where the boundaries between mortal and immortal are blurred, in the dark space between myth and history, is the legend of a king. After the cataclysmic, world-wide deluge with only eight survivors, a civilization emerges. But what will this new world become? Split Tongue is the story of destiny and free will, curses and blessings. See the cradle of civilization through the eyes of an ancient king. Experience his trials and glories, his failures and fortunes. Find that in the end he is only a man after all, and like all mankind, he must face the consequences of his life before a just and merciful God.

Falling Rain

Author: Laurel June Thompson

Paperback ISBN: 9781950890934

eBook ISBN: 9781950890941

Genre: Historical Christian

Release Date 11/4/2019


Loosely based on the extra-biblical account known as The Book of Enoch, Falling Rain explores the ancient lore surrounding antediluvian culture. 


In prehistoric times, before the Great Flood, a young girl named Ren finds herself in a world of bloodthirsty creatures determined to conquer all creation.  Half angelic and half human, these evil but highly developed warriors ravage humankind, nearly driving it to extinction.  Ren, her mother Marah, and friend Tamara are chosen by God to play a pivotal part in restoring peace to the earth.  But when Ren discovers she too is one of the despised Halfling race, she wrestles with guilt and self-doubt and embarks on a relationship with her angelic father whom she both loves and hates. 


Falling Rain is a story of three women who overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, learn to accept forgiveness, and muster the courage they need to become the unlikely heroes they were destined to be.  Though all seems lost, they finally achieve redemption in an unexpected but God-ordained turn of events. 

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