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Growing up in historic St. Joseph, Missouri, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy scribbled her stories from an early age.  Her first publication – a poem on the children’s page of the local newspaper – seems to have set her fate.  As a full time author, she has more than twenty full length novels published along with assorted novellas and short fiction.  A contributor to more than two dozen anthologies, her credits include Chicken Soup For The Soul among many collections of short fiction.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Missouri Writers Guild, and the Ozark Writers League.  Lee Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Missouri Southern State University as well as an Associate Degree from Crowder College.  She has worked in broadcasting, retail, and other fields including education.  She is currently a substitute school teacher.  As a wife and mother of three, she spends her days penning stories, cooking, reading, and other daily duties.  She currently makes her home in the Missouri Ozarks, living in what passes for suburbs in a small town.

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Saving the Sin Eater


Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Print ISBN:    9781629892108

eBook ISBN:  9781629892115

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date 03/01/2015


Tessa Owens has dreams of making it big in country music and moving on from her first love, Lucas Rowlands, who broke her heart. She left the old ways of her native Ozarks for modern life when she hit Nashville but a death in the family brings her home. Tessa didn’t plan to stay but when she meets Lucas at the visitation, the old sparks ignite. When she learns he’s not the simple country farmer she left behind but has become the Sin Eater, an ancient role handed down from his grandfather, she struggles to understand. When sin eating makes him ill, she hangs out to help and has to admit she still loves him. There’s no doubt what he feels for her but the devil wants Lucas’ sin-heavy soul and if they don’t come up with a plan, his life – and their love – is over.

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Cam's Witness


Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Hardback ISBN: 9781629893105

Print ISBN:         9781629893112

eBook ISBN:       9781629893129

Genre: Romance Contemporary/Suspense

Release Date 09/15/2015


Federal Marshall Timothy Campbell – ‘Cam’ to his near and dear – makes the biggest mistake of his career when he falls for the witness he vowed to protect.  When Kendra Driscoll’s cover is compromised in a hail of bullets at a discount store, she’s terrified and when a stern faced lawman drags her away to a safe house somewhere in Arkansas, she’s beyond upset.  Although she can be Deborah, her real name again, her future is anything but secure.  Things become complicated when she realizes Cam isn’t as stern as she thought and when both discover the forbidden attraction is mutual.  When danger follows her to Arkansas, Cam’s life hangs in the balance and it’s up to Deborah alone to survive, if she can.

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Slattery's Sin


Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894782

eBook ISBN: 9781629894799

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date 06/20/2016


Living in California, working undercover is still surreal for Louisiana native Pride Slattery.  He stands out – because of his unusual name, his military service in Iraq, and even his disability.  Although he’s never quite adjusted to Los Angeles, he remains in place because he’s lost any enthusiasm for the future. One day is just like another and he’s schooled himself not to care. Things change, however, when he rescues a stolen purse for a beautiful woman, Sabetha Hill, who turns out to be from back home.  He risks his heart for the first time in years as events propel him closer to an unexpected future.  When he’s billed as a hero at a traffic accident, Pride is unmasked as a federal agent and danger looms ahead for both him and his lady.  Someone will live, someone will die, and whether or not there can be a happy ending rests in Pride’s hands.

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Canaan's Land


Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896052

eBook ISBN: 9781629896069

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date 01/16/2017


Canaan Moss is a farmer, a man struggling to make a living from the land his family has owned for generations. It’s difficult to accomplish in the 21st century Ozarks in a remote corner of Missouri but he’s scraping by, one day at a time, living lonely. He meets Kaitlin Koch, a local journalist who wants to do a feature about his farm but before it can happen, law enforcement agents descend on his farm. He’s arrested for a marijuana field he didn’t grow and for pot stored in an old barn. Cane’s innocent but no one except Kaitlin and his cousin believe that. As he tries to prove his innocence, he’s shunned in the community. After the true perpetrators break in and beat him so badly Cane ends up in the hospital, he’s in danger. He recognized the two men who hurt him and if he doesn’t get someone to listen, he can’t clear his name and he may just end up dead. Finding a happy ending with the woman he loves seems a remote possibility.