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Author Lee Wright

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About the Author


Lee Wright is a fat, surly, bald high school teacher who loves to write. He lives with his beautiful, not-at-all surly wife and his cute-as-a-button, smart-as-a-whip, and incredibly talented son, who is only surly on occasion. They have dogs and cats, all of which they like better than most people. This novel was written for his wife as a daily Advent gift in 2023.

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Quick and the Kid

Author: Lee Wright

Paperback ISBN: 

eBook ISBN: 

Genre: Western

Release Date to be determined

Jack Quick is a famed gunslinger and bounty hunter. Riding across the Kansas prairie, he happens upon a thirteen-year-old boy who is the last survivor of a wagon train heading west. Seeing a bit of himself in the kid, Quick takes him in, protects him, and teaches him to shoot.In a town called Hendrix Fields, the lives of Quick and the Kid are turned upside down by a ruthless figure known as the Baron. In order to save the Kid, Quick must set out on his own to bring back the Baron’s runaway daughter from a dangerous Pawnee warrior. But Quick has his own agenda and his own secrets.

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