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Author Lindsey Camber

About the Author


Lindsey Camber, age twenty-seven, was born and raised in rural West Tennessee. Her love for reading began at the age of ten, when she fell in love with fantasy, especially when the stories had anything to do with dragons. After graduating high school, Lindsey obtained her Bachelors in Communication at the University of Memphis and her Masters in Education at Western Governors University. Now an English Language Arts teacher in her hometown, Lindsey enjoys writing in her free time. Lindsey mostly loves writing about ferocious beasts, such as dragons and other monsters, that make her readers’ hair stand on end.

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Theodore Robin and the Blood Dragon Curse


Authors: Lindsey Camber

Hardback ISBN:

Paperback ISBN:

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Genre: Young Adult Epic Fantasy

Release Date to be determined

Life in the village of Poplar Springs is idyllic for 13-year-old Theodore Robins until his father’s mysterious past finally unearths a hard-kept family secret: the Robins family is cursed. And it isn’t an ordinary curse, either, but one that causes certain members of the Robins family to become…dragons. That’s right! The dragons in Umbridge, to Theo’s astonishment, are actually his cousins, making up a secret society of shapeshifters known as Transfigure. Together, Theo and his new-found friends embark on a grand adventure to save a loved one from certain death. Join Lindsey Camber on this epic tale of a boy whose big heart, hard-headed nature, determination, and complicated family history make him a force to be reckoned with.

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