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Born in Finland, raised all over the place, I dove into science fiction and fantasy because it was the only thing stranger than real life. I am the author of the BSI series which debuted with the critically acclaimed 'Things to do in Denver when you're un-dead', followed by 'The Judas Line', a ForeWord magazine fantasy book of the year finalist. Currently I call Northern California my home with two kids, two cats and a partner in life who is far more patient than I deserve.



Unregistered Book 1

Author: Mark Everett Stone

Paperback ISBN: 9781629894485

eBook ISBN: 9781629894492

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 04/18/2016

For fifteen years Beck Corderoy has lived a quiet life in remote Silverville, Colorado, content to keep her head down and gun drawn as the town’s sheriff.

Then came FBI agent Shelman who involves her in a case regarding the inexplicable, magical deaths of Denver’s elite youth. It’s either that or be exposed as an unregistered wizard, a crime with penalties she’s been avoiding most of her life.

In Denver she faces murderous bikers, a sinister plot, a new designer drug flooding the streets and a dubious ally in the form of an underground mover and shaker, the Misfit Man. But what really throws her for a loop is Detective Mitch Lafferty, a handsome widower whose razor sharp mind could easily cut through the cocoon of lies in which she’s covered herself. Can she keep her eye on the ball and solve a series of deaths before it’s too late?