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Megan McCall is the youngest of sixteen children and has always played on her active and creative imagination. Anytime she was left to her thoughts, she was writing little stories here and there. After becoming a mother of twins at a young age, she had to make a living for her girls and graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy and currently works at a spa as a therapist. In her free time she uses her imagination to write about worlds she dreams of living in.

Outside of work and writing, Megan enjoys spending time with her twins and her sisters. She loves to watch movies and take jogs through the cemetery with her kindred spirit.

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Fruition Series Book 1

Author Megan McCall

Print ISBN:      9781629890722

E-Book ISBN:  9781629890739

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date 05/01/2014

Natalie Johnston always felt out of place in the world. Being different never seemed to throw things out of symmetry until a reoccurring nightmare of burning at the stake has her feeling unsettled. Just when fear and uncertainty begin to take their toll, she meets Xavier; a mysterious and handsome stranger who recognizes an heirloom pendant she’s worn since childhood. His touch releases memories it possesses of a witch from another time whom he claims to be his deceased wife.

Next thing Natalie knows, demons from Xavier’s world are lurking around every corner to kill her. Placing her under his protection, he insists she can help bring his wife back. Pleading with her to try, he promises the hunting will stop if she succeeds. When her many attempts fail, her life begins to crumble as strange new instincts bring out a darker side, and she realizes the memories come from someone she knows to be a blood thirsty version of herself.



Fruition Series Book 2

Author: Megan McCall

Print ISBN:  9781629894058

eBook ISBN: 9781629894065

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Release Date 12/14/2015

During Natalie’s transition, the Coven is attacked and separated. With no knowledge of who survived or not, Natalie and Xavier are sent on a journey to retrieve a dagger from her past life. Along the way they meet up with old friends to see who’s willing to fight with them and who isn’t. As old enemies lurk around every corner people begin disappearing and Xavier feels some slight changes in the vampire curse he’s never felt before. With Natalie’s time to fight drawing nearer, the truth about who really killed her is revealed and what she has to do to win is a sacrifice she might not be willing to make.