Author Natalie Berger

About the Author

Natalie Berger is a native of South East Michigan but currently lives in Marquette, Michigan pursuing a degree at Northern Michigan University. She also works as an independent filmmaker and costume shop seamstress at her college theater.

The Towers


Author: Natalie Berger

Print ISBN:      9781629891408

E-Book ISBN:  9781629891415

Genre: YA Futuristic Thriller

Release Date 09/01/2014


The year is 3011 and the people of The Towers are living the dream—wild parties, no responsibilities, and all the food you can eat. 


There’s just one catch. 


On your 18th birthday you are sacrificed before a cheering, screaming audience in eternal debt to the gods. 


But young seventeen-year-old Spade begins to question her life in The Towers, asking a simple question nobody has ever thought to ask: Why? 


Soon, she discovers the horrifying truth and struggles to expose The Towers for what they really are—A massive slaughterhouse of human beings.

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