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After the End - A Deacon Novel - eBook

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L. J. Stubbs

Separated from his mother while still a toddler, Deacon is the only human on the Rock, the asteroid he has called home his entire life. He is alone and yet surrounded by an array of alien species who, like him, have been enslaved by the viscous Tendari, a race bent on universal domination. The Tendari have swallowed up world after world in their quest, beginning with Earth some two hundred years ago, but all of that is of little import to Deacon, whose main concern is survival among the numerous species that hate him for his humanity.

“After the End” is an inspiring tale of man’s irrepressible determination in the face of immeasurable odds. Deacon is a bastion of human resilience and ingenuity among numerous alien species who hate and persecute him. He fights intolerance with an attitude that motivates all around him to hope for something better, maybe even…freedom.

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