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Blood in the Fountain - eBook

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by Alan Brown

The Ozarks in Southern Missouri is a majestic place. In the fall, when the tourists are gone, and the leaves change from green to amber and orange, it is difficult to find a more beautiful place.

Nestled between three lakes in the valley and mountains just beyond is a unique college few people know about. The college is small, with about 500 students attending, but its grounds span nearly 400 acres. It is a free college where students work in exchange for an education. It is a Christian college that believes in the value of hard work and spiritual well-being.

The college’s white stone buildings, cobblestone walkways and large iron gates are reminiscent of a time long ago. It is completely self-sufficient. Students operate everything from a farm to a power plant to a slaughterhouse. To the outside world, it is a utopia of sorts.

But behind that façade, there is an underbelly of greed and corruption.

Justin Wade will discover the dark side of the school. He will try to expose it, and in doing so, he will put his life and the lives of others at risk.

This is a story of drugs, murder and love. It is a story of discovering the truth and unearthing the dark secrets of the college and the surrounding Ozark hills.

In the end, he will expose the secret behind the blood in the fountain.

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