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Fated - eBook

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by Abby Farnsworth

“For a long time, all I wanted to do was make my father happy. I used to think he would protect me. Now I knew that wasn’t true, and things were different.”

Rose, the innocent princess of Greyland, has been sheltered her whole life. Her father, a heartless king, controls each and every aspect of her day-to-day activities. However, shortly after turning eighteen, Rose experiences a terrible assault that leaves her feeling helpless and alone. In response, her father plans to marry her off to an old earl in order to save both his reputation and hers. Refusing to accept this, she runs away from the palace. Rose will have to endure the pain following her attack, as well as the difficulties of being a runaway princess. She will have to rise above her former status and claim what is rightfully hers.

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