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Forget Me Not - eBook

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Finding herself without any memory after awakening the victim of a bizarre crime, Miranda Davis navigates repairing a strained relationship with her mother, coming to terms with her father’s imperfections, falling in love with her brother’s best friend, and grieving the death of her twin brother, while she and Deputy Sheriff Dan Bradley work to solve the mystery of three jewelry boxes and the string of murders that have them at their center.

As she slowly recovers from her amnesia, her memories of her twin brother lead her to the answers and peace she seeks. Meanwhile, Dan must search the recesses of his own lost early memories to confront the truth behind his own tragic history. They discover their lives are inexplicably intertwined with each other and with the life of a Chicago socialite 50 years their senior in a plot that threatens the lives of them all.

Motivated by false pride and greed, the criminals responsible escalate their assaults on anyone and everyone who stands between them and a vast fortune. Unfortunately, Miranda and Dan are squarely in their crosshairs.

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