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Geist: Allegro - ebook

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Fallon O'Neill


The gears of revolution turn once more. Striking from the slums of Holy Gothica, the Powder Kegs have stolen a set of battleplans from the Imperium, offering themselves as pawns in a far greater scheme. The rebel leader, Goro Ludwig, follows orders from the Entente of Free Peoples, a rival power bent on toppling the Imperium’s tyrannical rule.

Meanwhile, Victor Roland languishes in a life devoid of purpose. It has been a month since the Dollmaker’s death. Addled by grief and guilt, he wastes his days drinking at the Sunset Pagoda, mulling over the implications of taking a human life, as the Imperium mobilizes for war. Only the initiative of his friends stir him to a cause he partly cares about.

Joining the Powder Kegs, Victor agrees to deliver the data plans to the Entente. If he fails, the free world will be reduced to ash and brimstone. For the Imperium’s secret weapon is nothing short of evil he’s long fought—the very daemons of the Inferno….

This is the fourth book of the Geist series. Join Victor in his race against time, as he trudges across wastelands and war zones, in a wider world on the brink of war.

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