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Justice on the Mountain - White River Series Book Two - eBook

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by Michael Giere

Kidnapped separately, terrified and alone, Deputy Sheriff Sharon Toro and her husband, Floyd Marshall, are each forced to make brutally hard life and death decisions to protect innocent life and for their own survival. They only have their faith and wits to guide them.

Justice on the Mountain is a book about faith, love, and determination. It will touch your spirit, your heart and your mind as you live in the fast paced thriller in the rugged Colorado Rockies.

What others are saying:

“Great story, great characters, and moral dilemmas right out of today’s news.”

“A thriller, mystery, adventure and spiritual novel all in one.”

“Strap yourself in. It starts fast and just keeps going faster.”

“From page one you can’t put it down, you’re on the edge of your seat.”

“Cartels, murders, kidnappings, helicopters, love and redemption. Great story, wonderful characters and a great message.”

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