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Last Blast - eBook

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by Glenn A. Bruce

In this somewhat dark, often comic look at how the federal government would function and Americans would react to a total ban on ownership/possession of any and all guns, author Glenn A. Bruce presents a “what if” of extreme behaviors—from relief to joy to panic to violence. Some gun owners are happy to turn over their weapons if it means a safer gun-free America; others will fight to the bitter end to maintain their “right to bear arms”—often with deadly results. Taking on the entirety of the United States government can be hazardous to one’s health!

Underlying the methodical sweeping up of every gun in America there emerges a shadowy plot to do… something. We are never sure exactly what that is until the tense and exciting climax when secretive dark forces converge on Washington to “finish what we started.” Is it a government-driven “false flag”? Is it an attempted coup? Who are the real players, and what is their intent? What is going on in the hidden basement of an abandoned Federal building in D.C., and what does a loner “idealist” from a compound in Idaho have to do with it? What about the well-meaning new President and his snarky female VP? Are they aware of what is happening? At all?

Everything, and everyone, is related in some way, whether they realize it or not. They will come together in the end to put a crushing halt to it all. Guns will be gathered, and lives will be lost. The Constitution will be tested, and truth will be moot. Will America survive? Only our hero, the mysterious ex-Marine David Billows knows—and he is not saying. He is clearly on a mission—and he will succeed. But at what cost?

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