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Leandra’s Children - ebook

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Gary Carter

In the near future, a young, married couple, Leandra and Crane Chandler, will lose their daughter, Marley, age 11, to an incurable form of cancer that is spreading around the world, killing hundreds every day. Her father, Walter McCormick, a Noble Prize-winning nuclear physicist, and his team of fellow scientists have recently constructed the world’s first time machine. They decide to send Leandra and Crane back in time to try and locate where the cancer first started and eradicate it before it can spread, thus saving Marley and the world from a new, decimating disease.

The Chandlers begin their quest in Eastern Africa circa 1.5 million BC and, unsuccessful there, move forward, visiting sites that played amajor part in the evolution and history of mankind. Follow the Chandlers as they also visit Bosgrove, England, circa 450,000 BC, Shanidar Cave, Iraq, 50,000 BC. Lascaux, France, 14,000 BC. The Black Sea (Noah’s Ark) 5,600 BC. Memphis, Egypt, 2,650 BC. Mojenho Darrow, Pakistan, 2,500 BC. Europe, 1,000 BC and Carthage, Tunisia, 750 BC. Leandra is captured by the king of Carthage and thrown into his harem, where she is impregnated. Crane manages to escape and makes it back to Colorado Springs, home of the time machine, hating himself for having to desert his wife. A rescue crew is mounted to go back and bring her home, and what transpires thereafter forever changes the future of planet Earth and all of mankind.

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