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Medusa's Son - eBook

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Ian Mitchell-Gill

Imagine living your whole life without knowing who you really are. Walt Baranov is barely old enough to enter the Russian nightclub, where he has an unfortunate encounter with a beautiful vampire. The shocking events after he is bitten start a maelstrom that engulfs the entire world.

The powers that be move on his discovery, and Walt finds himself confined to a state-of-the-art laboratory. Understanding his extraordinary biology is the key to eradicating vampires all over the world. He makes a connection with a lab subject and will do anything to save her from certain death. Walt sees her humanity when nobody else can. Not helping matters are the vampires of the world who are frantic to find and eliminate the young man named in their prophecy of doom.

Walt must outmaneuver the Russians, Americans, vampires, and even the Yakuza to save the young woman who has come to mean so much to him. It all comes down to a deadly showdown between monsters and military forces in the beautiful Alps of Japan. The outcome is one that could not be predicted, and the vampires have a new nemesis to fear.

The tale of Medusa’s Son is one of mystery, adventure, suspense, and more than a few surprises. Join Walt on his journey to find out who he is and how to undo the chaos his discovery has caused.

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