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Protective Instinct - ebook

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Joy York

When self-absorbed, international bestselling author Sebastian Bartoli refuses to write the biography of the infamous, mob-connected Maximillian Fontana, the consequences turn deadly.

Sebastian (Bash) Bartoli is an international bestselling crime novelist. Maximillian (Max) Fontana, who is reputed to have ties to organized white-collar crime, has insisted Bash write his biography. Concerned for his safety, Bash’s friend/agent devises an elaborate plan for him to disappear to a secluded location on Guntersville Lake in Alabama. Being accustomed to having his comfortable life managed, Bash is irritated by the inconvenience of having to deal with his own affairs, not to mention the danger it might pose if he is discovered.

Morgan Skylar is a good-natured and unfiltered, southern kindergarten teacher. She is much more comfortable eating potato chips with Cheez Whiz and Louisiana Hot Sauce than champagne and caviar. After the death of her overly protective grandfather (Pops) who raised her in rural Georgia, she takes time off to grieve, ending up in a cottage next door to Bash. When mechanical issues arise, she seeks help from the renter in the main house. Bash is annoyed that his secluded hideout is apparently not so secret. Begrudgingly, he offers her assistance. This is where Morgan and Bash’s worlds collide. When suited, armed men show up at the lake house, Morgan’s trained survival skills take over, and she secures their escape by boat as bullets fly.

Morgan offers to provide a temporary sanctuary to Bash in her Pops’ remote Appalachian cabin. Upon arrival, she discovers a letter from Pops revealing his dangerous past that may now be coming for her. As the unwitting targets of dangerous men, Bash and Morgan fight to stay a step ahead of their pursuers, while seeking answers. Bonds are tested. Trusts are broken. Alliances formed. Agendas hidden.

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