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Rosewood Dreams - The Silverstone Saga Book 1 - eBook

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Abby Farnsworth

“I had never realized just how the inside-out sensations of attraction could make you feel. Until that moment, I hadn’t thought much about falling in love.”

Esme Brontë, a member of the Black Hills Coven, believes herself to be an ordinary teenage witch. When two mysterious warlock brothers, Sampson and Everest Silverstone, enter her life, she begins to think she may be more than an average girl. Upon the arrival of the boys, she starts to have visions that lead her to discover her past identity. She learns that she is the reincarnation of Cassandra, the most powerful witch in history, and that Sampson and Everest are her former husband and ex-lover. When an enemy from her past endangers the lives of those she loves, Esme must embrace herself to protect and save her family.

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