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Ruby Tears - The Shades of Us Trilogy Book 2 - eBook

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by Abby Farnsworth

“The phantom memory of his touch brushed against my waist as I stroked the silver chain. I loved him more than I wanted to admit to myself.”

After the tumultuous events of Scarlet Whispers, Anne finds herself in a position where her heart is breaking. Her love life is falling apart, and she’s in total confusion. While Anne is struggling to accept the new direction her life is taking, James is making decisions that his former self would have hated. Albert becomes Anne’s best friend through her struggles and attempts to help her with the challenges she’s facing. The epic vampire love triangle between Albert, James, and Anne continues in the second installment of The Shades of Us Trilogy. When her adventure brings her back to Savannah, Anne will have to make a choice that shapes her future.

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