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Ruled By Fate - The Forbidden Tears Series Book 1 - eBook

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Sam Withrow & Amelia Pinkis

Brie whirled in a rage, pendant in hand, “It’s changing me, Cameron! Turning me into something I’m not.” He was quiet for a moment before replying, “What if it’s turning you into something you are?”

Young nurse graduate Brianna Weldon Survives a supernatural attack when a gorgeous angelic guardian, Cameron, saves her life. He promptly disappears, leaving her with nothing but questions and a mystical pendant he warns her never to remove. Five years later, on her way to a new life and a fresh start, the nightmare returns, and so does Cameron. This time, he risks everything to stay with her and keep her from harm. Together they battle speeding tickets, demonic wraiths, and their irresistible attraction to one another. The darkness closes in, forcing her into an adventure she never wanted and a battle against an enemy more powerful than either of them could have imagined — one of seven deadly fallen angels.

When destiny calls, do we have a choice? Or are we all Ruled By Fate?

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