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Saul - Tate's Crossing Book 5 - eBook

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Saul Tate was just ready to get home and rest. This trip had zapped all his energy, and he just wanted to crawl into his bed and sleep for a year. He was a shifter and never got sick, but he hurt all over. Was this what it felt like to get the flu? If it was, it sucked.

Saul woke to the sweetest little girl, Lynn, sitting next to his bed in the hospital, staring at him. It didn’t take him long to realize that her mother, Chalina, was his mate. He had found his mate, and he now had a daughter. Saul couldn’t be happier.

That happiness, though, was short-lived. Lynn was doing a complete 180. The sweet little girl was gone, and in her place was a rude, selfish, and vengeful nine-year-old not only fighting with him but putting her mother through hell. Saul was at his wit’s end….

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