The Infinite Minute - eBook

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by Edward Newton

What happens when someone breaks time?

Welcome to the United States of random epochs, where borders are temporal instead of geographical. Someone has destroyed time itself, cracking the entire Earth into a patchwork puzzle of past, present, and future all coexisting at once. America is fissured into fifty time zones, where the Old West can border an Orwellian future, or dinosaurs and flying cars coexist across state lines.

Thyme Mugen was only sixteen years old when her mother died just as the clocks stopped. When she is accepted into a brand-new school on the other side of the country composed of students from every era in America, Thyme is ready to turn the page of the calendar and move on. What happens when she faces her future? In a world where tomorrow physically exists alongside today, is fate a predetermined eventuality, or does she still make her destiny?

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