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The Last - eBook

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by Gil Snider

Dr. Anne Mastik, renowned Infectious Disease specialist, is called to a remote mountaintop in West Virginia to consult on Ruth Morehouse, a headstrong teenage girl with a mystifying life-threatening disease. Anne must contend with Ruth’s iron-willed aunt and guardian Miriam Morehouse, who follows an ancient prophecy centered on Ruth, as well as with the animosity of the nearby townspeople. To determine if this disease could be responsible for devastating what once was a thriving community, Anne enlists the aid of the boyishly good-looking local physician Dr. Matt Drisner. While Ruth recovers, Anne becomes romantically entangled with Dr. Evan Garaud, a brilliant and handsome researcher with far-reaching plans for his research.

As several people connected with Ruth die under mysterious circumstances, Anne and Ruth must flee the town to escape a determined killer that pursues them across three states. To combat their pursuer’s evil plans, Ruth must quickly make a terrifying decision that may affect the future of humanity and conflict with the prophecy…

… or fulfill it.

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