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The Mannequin Mystery - eBook

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The Village of Lambuck. 1966. A girl, Miranda Wilson, is missing. Sylvia Day, unmarried and lonely, who runs the Sylvia Day Detective Agency, joins forces with the police, the very dishy new man in town, Detective Inspector Nathan Royle, who is determined to solve the case. A body is found in the river, which, surprisingly, turns out to be a mannequin with the face of the missing girl, a clue cleverly hidden on its body leading them to the next mannequin, and then the next and the next.

Miranda Wilson’s diary refers to “R,” who she was to meet on the day she went missing. There are several “R’s” in the mix, one of whom is a man Sylvia has been seeing. Should she confess this to the Inspector or wait and see what is revealed about the other “R’s” before spilling the beans? Who has fashioned the mannequin with the face of the missing girl? Tendrils of clues that need to be painstakingly knitted together.

As the clues lead them closer and closer to the missing girl, will Miranda Wilson be found unharmed, and will romance blossom between Sylvia and Nathan despite Sylvia’s insecurities? Will they ever get their very own happy ever after?

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