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Tragon Moon - eBook

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Christina Leonard

Raena and Abby have relied on one another for as long as they can remember. Never knowing their parents and being shuffled through the foster care system, they quickly came to realize they are the only people they can count on. But when Abby doesn’t come home from work one night, Raena is left to take care of her nephew, Jaxon, and shoulder all of the responsibilities she once shared with her sister. She believes she has everything under control until her landlord tells her she must pay three months' worth of back rent before the end of the month, or she and Jax will be out on the street.

One night, while working her new second job at Room 86, Raena meets King Wade of Maranetta and his two sons, Lowen and Tyde. He extends an offer to Raena to work for him in Maranetta when he hears of her troubles, promising to take care of her and Jax in return. She knows his offer sounds too good to be true, but she is determined to keep Jax with her and out of the system she grew up in at all costs. Even if that means leaving New York and putting her trust in someone she’s never met. What Raena doesn’t know is the world of powers and long-kept secrets that await her around every corner of King Wade’s palace and the deeply rooted connection she has to the family who lives there.

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