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Under the Aurora Sky - eBook

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Elissa Day & Karen Fuller

When Isaak Lee started his career in journalism, he couldn’t afford to be choosy. Taking a job that was outside of his comfort zone was just the beginning. City bred from top to bottom, Isaak finds himself working for the Wildlife Adventure Magazine. After a while, his writing makes it clear that his wildlife experiences are limited. To prove himself to his editor, Isaak must spend some real time outdoors and write an exposition about his experience.

Isaak is sent to Vancouver to conquer his fears in the Great Bear Rainforest. When he meets with his guide at the bar, he realizes that Dani is not the male guide he expected. She is all woman from top to bottom and packed with enough wit and cynicism to knock him off his feet.

As Dani leads him through his journey of self-discovery, Isaak finds it’s a lot harder to ignore his city roots. Dani teaches him how to survive in the woods while sharing the beauty of her world with him.

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