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Victor X - eBook

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The sci-fi novella VICTOR X takes place sometime in the future when society has become blindly obsessed with technological advancements to the detriment of humanity. It begins with the tale of a man who rescues a brutally injured dog from the side of the road and launches a personal investigation to locate the dog’s owner and identify the person responsible for the vicious attack. However, the plot delivers a shocking twist when a co-worker named Romy-3 reveals a carefully guarded secret about Victor that will change his life forever.

VICTOR X is part detective story and part science fiction morality play, a foray into the realms of ethical and moral dilemmas created by humankind’s predilection for playing God through the development of artificial intelligence. But it is also the story of a displaced character who feels isolated from the rest of society and is in search of a deeper understanding of how he fits into the world.

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