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Author P. J. Bailey

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About the Author

PJ Bailey lives in Birmingham, AL, where she enjoys spending time being on the water and exploring the city and country. Her love of stories and books was cultivated at a young age, with a house filled from floor to ceiling with thousands of novels. From classics to old and new mysteries, to sci-fi, and beyond, she has delved into many dimensions, which she contributes to spurring her imagination and crafting her stories. PJ can’t wait to bring her readers along on each new journey as she unfolds her own worlds.

Inspired by her travels to far off places and her eclectic community of family and friends, PJ molds so much of her own experiences into her work by building worlds and characters that feel real, exciting, and disarmingly familiar. Her hope for her readers is to find the perfect nook to enthrall themselves in her words and lose themselves in the storytelling.

The Discovery


Author: P. J. Bailey

Paperback ISBN:  9781953271327

eBook ISBN:  9781953271334

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Release Date 11/16/2020

When Eve Monroe was asked to work as the Archivist in the city she dreamed about, she couldn’t say no. Her love of England was ingrained in her for as long as she could remember. Feeling immediately at home, Eve settles into London quickly, but when she stumbles upon an ancient and undiscovered manuscript her life is throttled into the unknown. The discovery forces her closer to her new colleague, Malcolm Archer, and the attraction to him might be unwanted but it is seemingly beyond her control.

Malcolm never wanted anyone to get involved in his complicated life, but Eve fit into his world so seamlessly that he was left with no choice but to get close to her. As they team up together to research her discovery, they both realize that it will lead to a groundbreaking turn in history.  

Could myths and legends be true? Malcolm and Eve are driven to find the answers, but their pursuit turns dangerous when enemies are willing to destroy everything to get their hands on a magical piece of destiny that could change the world as they knew it.  

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