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Patricia is a former art teacher and high school librarian. She lives in south Florida with her husband and three dogs. She writes short stories, novellas, and novels, mostly fantasy and Sci-Fi. She has also written three Romances, a Sci-Fi, a Victorian, and a Contemporary. Her stories revolve around action and deep relationships, allowing the reader to watch the scene unfold as if present. Patricia is active in three critique groups and often helps new writers learn the ropes. She is an active member of Florida Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America.

When not writing, Patricia enjoys painting watercolors and drawing in several media. Currently she is learning illustration techniques for future books. Her frequent travel provides opportunities to check off bucket list items and sometimes inspires new stories. She is a voracious reader and loves a good book talk.

Check out her Facebook page at Carpewordum@gate. net.

Death and Disorder


A Vivian Wexler Galactic Mystery

Author: Patricia Crumpler

Print ISBN:  9781951642563    

E-Book ISBN:  9781951642570

Genre: Science Fiction/Mystery

Release Date 4/27/2020


Vivian Wexler investigates a recent rash of suicides on the planet Sorasol, so peaceful it doesn’t have a word for suicide. As she uncovers an evil alien scheme behind the puzzling deaths, Vivian gets more than she bargains for. Dodging death from an alien underworld, mafia-like aliens want control, addicting her with a mind-body enhancement substance delivered by a small slug-like creature. Their plan backfires. Now smarter and stronger, the improvements offered by the slug opens the door to solving crimes in the galaxy. In Vivian’s quest for justice, is there anyone to help her? Torn between the good she gains from the addiction, and the fact she is addicted, she has to make some life changing choices.

Award-winning author Patricia Crumpler offers a dangerous romp through the galaxy dodging death and weaving through amazingly weird elements. Irresistible and compelling.

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