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Phil Locascio is the author of several novels including The Sorcerer of Hooterville, The Sins of Orville Sand, The Harbor of Ill Will, The Fragility of Contrition and The Restoration of Josef Mundt.  He is also the author of a collection of short stories entitled Howling Hounds.  Phil has had dozens of short stories published through the years in various anthologies and magazines. Several of his tales have received Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.  Phil welcomes comments at




The Restoration of Josef Mundt

Author: Phil Locascio

Print ISBN: 9781629890548

E-Book ISBN:  9781629890555

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Release Date 02/01/2014

The Price of Immortality is Death

A young boy's death threatens the future and sanity of a Montana rancher...A terminally ill nurse commits herself to cold-blooded murder...A doctor's chance encounter makes him suspect his adopted son may have an identical twin ...

These seemingly unrelated events lay the groundwork for a tale of deceit and treachery that brings to life a world of the not-so-improbable future where the achievements of man nullify the debilitating effects of age, physical infirmity, disease and even death itself.  Led by an aging maniacal genius, a society of wealthy aristocrats band together to realize their egotistical dreams of immortality.  Only one more ingredient is needed to reach their destiny: the death of innocent children.

The Fragility of Contrition

Author: Phil Locascio

Print ISBN:  9781938961922

E-Book ISBN: 9781938961939

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery

Release Date 03/15/2013

A botched jewelry store robbery sets offs a chain reaction of mystery, deceit and murder in the arid scrubland of New Mexico. The year is 1953 and a host of devious characters are assembling in the hot, barren desert in search of the missing jewels.

In a cave full of bats, an outlaw lays trapped and wounded.

At a roadside motel, an old distrustful proprietor and an innocent young dreamer play nursemaid to several mysterious individuals who have suddenly taken up residence.

A cunning robber on the run tries to make his way back into the fray.

The local sheriff, not opposed to breaking a few rules to get what he wants, devises a dangerous ploy.

A secret rendezvous, a blatant betrayal, a fictitious escape, a hidden agenda, a vicious murder, an unexpected revelation, and even more dead bodies.  Meanwhile the bats grow impatient for twilight when they can once again take wing and leave the safety of their dank, dark cavern which has now strangely become a den of thieves.

The Bane of the Curious


Author: Phil Locascio

Print ISBN:   9781629893259

eBook ISBN: 9781629893266

Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense

Release Date 09/15/2015

Raised by a ruthless, tyrannical father, Lon Calhoun learned early in life that callousness, insensitivity and greed were the attributes needed to bring a man to prominence and wealth.  Although estranged from his family because of his father's arrogant attitude, Lon cannot help but realize that he indeed embodies those same character traits he so despises.

When an alien entity takes up residence in Lon, the benefits obtained by harboring the creature provide him the means to live true to his character.  Lon's newfound power allows him to overlook the price that must be paid for this mutually beneficial relationship: the death of innocent people.

Retired General Leslie Tritt is an honorable, straightforward man who holds to the principles of accountability, self-control and discipline. He cannot abide irresponsible or careless behavior in either himself or others.  Tritt is all too familiar with the foreign entity that inhabits Lon and the terrible price being paid for its continued existence.  Tritt must find a way to maintain a closeness to Lon in order to provide him the time he needs to discover how to eliminate the entity.

When the government intervenes and wants to learn more about the mysterious creature and its powers, Lon must trust Tritt to help him navigate through their possible treachery.  Lon and Tritt's mutual distrust of one another soon turns to an awkward friendship and when Lon's life is threatened, he realizes the only person he can trust is Tritt.

But the price for the entity's survival has risen to a level that even Lon cannot tolerate.  Now the men must cautiously work together to eliminate their mutual foe.  Their plan will most certainly mean the death of one or both of them. But can Tritt count on Lon to go against his nature and sacrifice himself for others?  The price of failure is high: the death of thousands.