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About the Author


Ren resides in mid-Michigan and balances her time between mother, grandmother, researcher, volunteer fundraiser, paranormal investigator and writer. Early exposure to poetry and creative writing courses encouraged her writing talent.

With an avid interest in paranormal events Ren began her first novel, Mercy. Shortly after, she joined a local paranormal group to aid in her research. Her experiences within her paranormal family as an empath and her writing skills allow Ren to share her world through her work.

Her friend (Carl Wilson) states: "The best fiction comes from those who are able to see life from a different angle. Ren is not only able to see that different angle; she can hear what others miss and she is adept at writing the story the voices tell her."

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Author: Ren

Print ISBN: 9781937085490

E-Book ISBN: 9781937085667

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Release Date 10/1/2011


When Mercy was six her parents disappeared and her grandparents moved into her home to raise her. Four years later Mercy disappeared, and two weeks after her disappearance her grandparents die of heart failure. Now, twelve years later, Jack and Mia St. Johns think they have found the perfect location for their annual Halloween party. But when they recruit some friends and the owner of the house, James Morrice, to help with party preparations they find out it may be just a little too perfect.