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Robert Gemmell is a lifelong fan of stories and a lifetime's worth of influences that bring laughter, scares, and dare he say, even wisdom? Born in Jamestown Rohde Island and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, he's a born Yankee with a dash of southern charm that loves to bring readers addictive fiction.

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The Depraved Covenant


Author: Robert C. Gemmell

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Genre: Paranormal Horror Mystery

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Detective Hank Tavares and his brother, an out-of-work journalist, Scott, have found themselves hunting a brutal serial killer that may have a connection to a group of Halloween reject roleplaying vampire wannabes and possibly also a cult of predators that have existed for Millennia. With the help of the genius Dr. Elanor Laterbauch, the Tavares Brothers seek to put an end to the most terrifying Serial Killer in North Carolina history and try to uncover the potentially biblical secrets behind the killer’s demonic motivations.